此次三天会议,由来自全球20多个国家和地区的40多位重量级教育专家,与2000多位国内教育从业者、研究者,共同分享教学成果,探索前沿教学理念,探讨在x-HITS互联网平台x-HITS Connect上科技与教育的深度融合。





以下是潺溪集团CEO田棣(Jason Tian)接受英文采访视频及文字内容:



记者:First of all, please tell us more about HITS.

田:HITS is a business platform devoted to sharing resources , usually in the field of adolescent development in China of Health,Innovation,Technology and Startup.

记者:Health, Innovation, Technology and Startup, so sounds like your company puts lots of effort in HITS, how does it work?

田:Yes,so far, HITS including five core business groups: the service alliance, HITS Connect, the Internet social platform, special topic programs, series of events,like this conference, and a top academy in Beijing.

Today, in this conference, we just launched HITS Connect. It will enable more collaborative business activity, and provide a global scope and education company-oriented integration solutions. The solutions enable users whenever wherever, whoever wants to be able to obtain information,quality services and other valuable resources.

记者It’s kind of a broker job, isn’t it?

田:Yes, we are actually strong believers, that the futures of China is great, and the age of education is coming. So we are very much looking forward to the organization that are optimistic about the Chinese market to build up some expecting projects.

记者:Besides this conference and HITS platform, do you have any fascinating plans or projects to share with us?

田:For our company, next step, we will be placing our bets in youth sports. We are going to hold a mega-event in National Olympic Sports Center during the Chinese New Year.

We are long term optimistic about psychological education, aesthetic education. So We have strategic cooperation with a top university in Beijing,and we will set up offices in London and Seattle for better international academic exchanges.

记者:Thank you for the interview!

田:Thank you!

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